Fish Habitat
The PFBC and Leaser Lake Heritage
Foundation have been working together
on the largest Fish Habitat project every
proposed in Pennsylvania.  Large-scale
projects have been completed by the
PFBC construction crews and youth
programs have been used to build other
small scale projects.  To date, over
$110,000 have go into creating fish
habitat which will help develop Leaser
Lake into a premier fishing destination.

Our efforts have been recognized on
local, state and national levels.  The PA
Lake Management Society named the
Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation as their
"Organization of the Year".  The
Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership
featured the fish habitat project at Leaser
Lake in their monthly newsletter.

For more details on this exciting project,
click on the link below to view our
Habitat Brochure.
We have completed the largest Fish Habitat project in Pennsylvania!